Osage Hills Eagle Boards Overview

Eagle Boards of Review are made up of two sessions. Scheduling for both the Project Review Board and the Final Board is done online.  The booking form is found on the date the Scout wants to appear for a Board.

Session 1 – Eagle Scout Service Project Review

The Board reviews the Eagle Project proposal to verify the Eagle Candidate has selected a project that meets national standards and can be a successful and positive experience for the Scout.

Generic Permission Slip

Session 2 – Final Eagle Board of Review

The Final Board is conducted after all required Merit Badges are complete and verified by the Registrar at the Scout Office.

The Final Board is in two sections.

  • In the first half, Board members review the character reference forms and Eagle application to verify required signatures.  Board members also review the Eagle Scout Service Project plan and report.
  • In the second half, Board members conduct a general interview with the Eagle candidate on Scouting experiences, leadership, and life ambitions.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

  • Scout can begin work any time after becoming a Life Scout
  • The workbook has multiple sections.
    • Project Proposal
    • Project Plan
    • Project Fundraising Application
    • Project Report
  • Have all sections of the Project Workbook filled out with all the signatures stating the project is completed.  Include as many pictures as possible, before, during, and after the project.
  • If there are any rough notes or drawings, please include those as well as Board members like to see everything that was involved.
  • The Board would also like to hear about changes in the plan and the obstacles involved and how the candidate handled the situation.

Eagle Scout Application – 2 to 3 weeks before the Final Eagle Board

  • Must be filled out with the help of the Troop Advancement Chairman from Trooopmaster
  • Required signatures – Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chair
  • Once the application is completed, take it to the Scout office to have it verified and signed by the Registrar.
  • Include the signed application in the project folder to be presented to the Board

Character Reference Form – 4 to 6 weeks before the Final Eagle Board

  • Print out as many as you like
  • Need five returned in a sealed envelope
  • Present to teachers, coaches, pastors, work supervisors, or any adults who can provide a character reference.
  • These must be included in the final project to be presented to the Board
  • Must be sealed and unopened

Life Ambitions or Purpose Statement – 2 weeks before the Final Eagle Board

  • Eagle candidate must write a few paragraphs about their like ambition and what they see as the personal life purpose.
  • There is no particular content that is required.
  • It should include what the Eagle candidate plans after high school.
  • It’s designed to open their eyes to the future.